Testimonial from Mr S Deneberg

“When my wife and I decided to move to the UK and reside around Bristol we knew we needed help. Having never been to the area, and not having time to come and visit we needed someone we can trust and can help us. We needed someone who can understand our needs and wishes and act on our behalf. This person needed to be someone who can be our eyes and hands as we could not be there ourselves.

We searched online for properties, read about moving to the UK and this Bristol area in specific, and compared different communities. Then we searched for relocation agents in the area. We came across several agencies, researched their vision and services, and interviewed few agents. We have found Andrew to be the person we needed. During our interview we felt that Andrew understood our needs, asked the questions that we would ask, and made suggestions that helped us narrow our search and focus our resources. Following the interview and few emails exchanges we decided to work with Andrew. His simple, direct, and thoughtful approach gave us confidence that this can be done even long distance. Moreover, it gave us the peace of mind we needed. The process was simple and painless. Our communication via email and Skype facilitate the finding of our desired house in a desired location.

Once we found the house Andrew inspected it for us and negotiated the contract. After we secured the property he also arranged for pre-rental professional inspection, and set up the utilities on our names. Once we moved Andrew was here to accept us and lead us through the property and the necessary information.

Our contract with Andrew was simple, straight forward, and hassle free. The cost for the services was competitive, nothing hidden, and more important, worth every penny.

Given our pleasant and successful experience with Andrew during this stressed times we would not hesitate recommending Andrew to anyone who wishes to relocated to the area. You are assured to get direct, honest, helpful, and friendly services that ease your move to the area. ”
S. Denenberg