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No one is a “package” – your needs are unique and our job is to understand them – then exceed them

Relocating, especially to another country, is both exciting, challenging and, lets be honest, stressful; there are many things to consider.  Bristol Relocations Ltd makes the essential element – finding a suitable home – as manageable and simple as possible.

Where you live really matters. When you come back to your home you need to feel comfortable and relaxed.  It is important everyone enjoys the home and the location.  We understand this. The needs of everyone associated with your move will be discussed and taken into account.
Whether you are a corporate executive or an international student, finding the right place to live in Bristol is almost impossible without local knowledge. Bristol Relocations Ltd has the local knowledge and experience to find the perfect home for you and for your family.

Specialist areas:

If you need to move without being able to personally view property, we are specialised in managing this with a proven track record.

Maybe you are in a position to do most of the work yourself and all you need is access to our local knowledge and experience? The “online package” has a fixed fee of only £250. This small investment could save you a lot of money and stress.

Please contact us now to arrange a free, no obligation, consultation. It is essential that you like our approach and feel you can trust us. We like to meet on Skype or FaceTime if possible.

Once a contract is agreed we only charge for the time spent on your home search. A low initial payment will start the process. You will be kept informed every step of the way and alerted to unexpected costs. No surprises, no extras and no mystery charges.

Please contact us to arrange your free initial consultation.