The principle of relocation is the same for everyone, however, every relocation is a variation on the theme – they are never “identical”.

To keep it simple – if it has to do with your relocation then we will help you with it. If it is not our area of expertise we will put you in touch with a trusted professional who can help.

Here is a short list of some of the services we offer – Homesearch (seen or unseen), moving in, orientation, schools, pets, furniture and white goods, car, healthcare, banks, utilities, internet providers, leisure facilities.

Our approach is 100% needs driven, before we engage with you we will discuss your specific requirements in detail. We will also agree what you are able to do for yourselves and the areas where we can add value. This varies hugely from one client to another, everybody’s circumstances are different. We will adapt our process to suit your needs and will not force you to fit into “our way of doing things”.

Bottom line is you need to trust and have confidence in us. Trust is something which is earned so we would not dream of starting an engagement without having had a first, preferably online, contact – this is absolutely free and without any obligation.

If you are looking for a personal service for a surprisingly fair price, you are in the right place.

Contact us now to discuss your options